Not taking action on a dream?

image Michael Bernard Beckwith recently shared this insight into what may hold us back.

Often, if we’re not taking a step forward on a dream, it’s because of the fear of what we may lose. Instead, we must focus on what we’ll lose if we don’t take a step.

For example, someone may say they want to be a top actor. But, their unconscious fear is that they will lose their anonymity, the approval of their family, their friends, something. The ego feels it will lose a part of us. Instead, we must focus on the part of us we will lose if we don’t take action. In this case, losing the part of us that wants to create, our inner artist, our deepest joyful expressive soul.

What’s a dream you have? Maybe it’s a new job, a new career, or project. Notice what you’re are afraid you’ll lose when it’s successful. Maybe it’s your comfort! Notice that old part of you that you’re afraid of losing. Now, what part of you will you lose if you DON’T take a step. Feel that part of you, talk to it, get to know it. Which part of you is more important?


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