A multi-billion dollar idea!

OK team! Here’s an idea worth literally billions of dollars for the first company to really capitalize on it. Social networking is here to stay. Solving problems is how we make money. Put these two together and a problem Facebook has created is worth billions to the first company to champion this idea. Watch the market for this to happen soon.

Here’s the problem: Who’s really your friend? A psychologist asked me this when i was young and it’s a great question. We humans actually must categorize people. Not everyone is truly a friend. Facebook has now introduced this problem because Baby Boomers have moved in as in any market. Now EVERYONE wants to be your friend. So you get invites from marketeers, your parents, random people you’ve never met, employers, and occasionally real friends. Since Facebook was designed for young people, who are focusing on being liked and making friends to do so, they missed this. This isn’t how adults actually work. Instead, we have levels of trust. Life requires trust until we live in a purely giving society.

The idea is for a new social network to let you categorize friends sociologically. Some are friends, some are acquaintances, some are business partners, some are family. Many don’t want their employers, or potential employers, looking at their family or friends. Reflecting how humans really work, and solving their problems, is how riches are made.

Could you write an add-in for Facebook? Or maybe launch your new network? Someone is going to solve this problem really quickly and get rich. If the Facebook crew said, “it’s already been done” they would have lost out on billions of dollars. It’s never to late do something better!

Check out this great article that tracks why MySpace lost market share and why Facebook may soon do the same. Baby Boomers are like locusts and we must watch their habits to find what they’ll consume next. Just give me a shout out when you cash your first big check. 🙂



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