The most important tool to reach your ideal weight!

image If you know me, you know what I think is the most important tool: It’s your mind! A cool new web site was just launched that makes your visualization process easy. Weight loss (or gain) is now easy to visualize.

It’s not just diet and exercise that are the key. We have watched poor Oprah over the years go through SEVEN diet and exercise experts, lose the weight, and gain back more. We humans are too caught up in the physical world. We think it’s just food and exercise, or some genetic defect, but forget that it’s our mind that decides what we eat and if we move.

When I start people out towards weight loss, the first thing I do is have them strip down to their skimpy shorts and take a photo. Hang it up and date it so your mind clearly sees what you look like. Yes, it’s painful and pain motivates us! Then, take an old picture of your thin body, or an ideal example person, and put your head on it. Do a before and after board to give your mind instructions. Pain and pleasure, that’s what motivated us. Naturally thin people have a clear picture in their minds of their idea body, associate pain to diverging from that picture and pleasure to their ideal.

A site was just launched that now makes this easy. lets you upload a current photo, then you can slide to a more idea weight and it will generate a new photo for you. You can print out your contrasting pictures and start visualizing easily. Sorry, no 6-pack abs yet in the software.

Yes, there are more steps. This is just where to start, with a clear image of your ideal goal.


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