Tony Robbins on Good Morning America

image Here’s a 5-minute video from the master, Tony Robbins, on How to Cope in a Recession.

In the interview on May 5th, 2009, Tony reminds us that life happens in cycles. Humans have been in civilization for 5600 years. We go through cycles just as everything in nature. But humans forget these cycles in our natural existence. We are now simply in Winter as we were 80 years ago, and have been many times over the centuries.

Even though we thought things were great these last few years America really was very challenged. These challenges were covered up by a kind of prosperity. Humans actually thrive and grow the most in adversity and this era will become an incredible gift.

But, Tony reminds us, we don’t get muscles by sitting on the couch. We’ve got to recondition our minds, bodies, and spirit. Modeling is one of the best ways we condition ourselves as humans. We did it when we were young, modeling language and habits. Models like Tony and others are essential for our own rapid progress. Tony never went to college and was once living in his car. He simply reconditioned his mind and learned strategies for thinking that turned life around. You can too!

Here’s a practical question for you today. What book are you reading today that will give you new skills for the shift we are in? Are you training for a new future or praying for someone to rescue you? Your answer will predict your future.


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