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“Always remember: Your focus determines your reality.” ~Jedi Master

In honor to the new Star Wars movie soon to be released, here’s an amazing reminder from one of the greatest Jedi masters, next to Yoda: The teacher of Anakin Skywalker himself, Master Qui Gon. (Who sure looks like the teacher of Batman).

Psychology researchers have now demonstrated scientifically that the human mind has a Negativity Bias (see my previous article). To recap, our mind has a bias (prejudice in favor of one thing) for the most negative things in life. If you recall, young Anakin focused all his mind on the negative things that happened to him and he became Darth Vader. Star Wars is the most successful film story of all time because it uses the model for the Hero’s Journey, with life lessons for every one of us on the journey. Each of us is on a Hero’s Journey and what we focus on determines if our life is mostly Light or Darkness. AND, I know this from PERSONAL experience and it’s what lead me on the path of becoming a life coach, or life guide, to pass on what I can like master Qui Gon.

There’s lots of ways we’ve heard of this lesson: the Law of Attraction, the truth that “what you focus on expands”, or simply the neuroscientific fact that your Reticular Activating System targets and acquires whatever it is repetitively shown as a target.

Notice what you are FOCUSING on! Is it the desires you wish to cause or is it the negativity and problems of the animal mind bias. Just look at your RESULTS for the answer my friend.

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