Beware the Merchants of Doom, especially in this economy and election season!

Life is NEVER as bad as it seems! Read that again.

There are people and organizations that actually make their income from trying to create fear, uncertainty, and doubt. There’s an old saying in the newspaper business: “If it bleeds, it leads.” That means, the worst news always is the top news, the headline news. Notice how some news companies even call their show “Headline News”.

These groups increase their income by sensationalizing events. That means, increasing the “sensations” (i.e. fear, panic, collapse, etc.) viewers experience. The worse the news, the more people watch, and the more advertizing they can sell. Notice how many drugs for headache, stomach problems, depression, anxiety, and impotence as sold on CNN and when the news comes on other channels.

The point is, TURN OFF THE NEWS! Turn off those people around you that seem to add to the panic. Those who add to the problem state instead of talking only of solutions right now. Complaining and spreading words of fear get too much attention in our society.

Focus on YOUR circle of influence. Focus on what you CAN control. Focus on being the best damn positive employee in your company right now. Focus on expansion! Expanding who you are. Focus on ways you CAN make money. Focus on what you can be GRATEFUL for right now. Now is a time for intense GRATITUDE! Appreciate your home, your car, your job, your family, friends, your health. Actually take a moment to look at your car and be happy you have one. Right now, call your spouse, child, best friend and say, “I’m so grateful you are in my life. That’s what’s important.” Pick up that phone right this moment. Stop and pick it up!

This isn’t about denial. It’s about your ENERGY! Turn off all the Merchants of Doom for 1 week. Turn them off completely! All those people who tell you negative things to push you downward. Tell people around you to stop if they go negative. Treat this like a special diet. A diet where you 100% cut out negative news. See how your energy rises. If not, you can go back to all the doom next week.


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