The Power of Crisis

millionaire anthony robbins looking the picture of perfect wealth and health.How do we best handle this season of crisis? What’s important to remember is that times of crisis make us stronger. Often it takes crisis to shift our value system, even on a global scale, to form a more perfect world. With this crisis in money, humanity will begin to shift it’s values to things like family, neighbors, and love, just as we did in 911. We also know that crisis often brings the biggest wins: Lance Armstrong is a great example. Another example is the incredible United States rise to prosperity that the Great Depression and World Wars provided. We are simply going through Winter. Life progresses in cycles and this too shall pass to bring new life. This is how nature works. Only humans fight nature.

Monday morning, Tony Robbins was interviewed on the Today Show about how to handle tough crisis. Here’s a Peak Performance Coach that charges $1 million per year for 1-on-1 coaching. You can probably learn a lot from this 4 minute interview.

Tony has created a web site collecting stories of people that have overcome crisis. We are creatures that model behavior. That’s how you learned to walk, to talk, to handle everything, or not handle it. By watching these stories, you can learn that anything is possible and model success. No crisis is the end! Usually, crisis is the beginning. You can get that, “If they can do it, I can do it!”


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