Discover your strengths now!

In these unsure times, the fear being pushed on us from everywhere can create self-doubt. It can be an infection that causes uncertainty and confusion. That can affect our job or you may know someone that is looking for a job. We may lose touch with what we are really good and lose self-confidence.

One way to turn this around is to know your strengths. Highly successful people know what they are good at. They have lots of confidence. Think about it, what is “confidence”? The word comes from from the roots con- (with, together) + -fidere (trust). Thus confidence means “trust with”, trust in something. Knowing and trusting your strengths is a secret weapon for winning in these times.

The Gallop organization, the group that predicts presidents, measures consumer confidence, etc. has come up with an online quiz for knowing your strengths. From profiling tens of thousands of people, they have come up with a quick online quiz that can clarify your top five strengths. Knowing these strengths, and owning them fully, can give you the edge to stay ahead or get that new job.

To take the quiz, purchase the book for around $15 which describes each strength in depth. In the back of the book is a code to take the online quiz and clarify your own strengths. You will also get a full printout of how to use these strengths. It’s great to do this with friends and co-workers to better appreciate and harness their strengths. As a manager, I’d have my whole team do it so I can better assign projects and make them successful.

Don’t just take the quiz and file it away. Study and memorize your strengths! Take full ownership and KNOW your strengths.


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