Embrace uncertainty to ride this economic time.

Eckhart Tolle is launching a new monthly video series. He’s got a terrific 4-minute video clip on the site about the economy and how to handle it. How do we handle it? Embrace Uncertainty!

Old structures are collapsing everywhere. We can’t know what the future will hold. But here’s the secret: we never did know what will happen in the future. Our ego just told us in knew. Just like it knows what your spouse thinks, your boss thinks, and all the other non-sense "knowing” we hold on to.

Ego thrives on being right, on the illusion of knowing. It obscures the spirit which revels in the mystery of not knowing. What would it be like if you could remember that you have never known the future? That was an illusion. So instead, you live in the mystery of not knowing that your boss is a certain way, your spouse is a way, the economy or anything can be known.

What if you could embrace the uncertainty of life and have fierce curiosity about what will happen each day as if life were a book with twists and turn? Take 5 minutes right now, close your eyes, and feel what it would be like to embrace the uncertainty of the future as a curious genius, the genius that you are.

Here’s the video and web site: www.eckharttolletv.com
#2 on Current Economy is referenced above.


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