Why Right-Brainers will rule the future and why you must re-learn now.

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No doubt we are experiencing a collapse of old structures. It’s a sign of a new age beginning. Right-brain thinkers will be the winners in the coming age!

Daniel Pink is an expert on the changing world of work. In his recent best selling book, A Whole New Mind, he maps out for us who will win in the working and business worlds. He defines the Six Senses of the right brain that are required to win in the coming age. We are at the end of the Information Age and entering the Conceptual Age. Those who engage their right brain, their artistic and empathic side will stay increase in demand while left-brained logical thinkers will see their jobs disappear, go overseas, or be automated just as we are already seeing.

Daniel has created a simple and profound framework for us to focus on to win in the future. The Six Senses of the Right Brain are:

  • design
  • story
  • symphony
  • empathy
  • play
  • meaning

Consider Apple Computers and Microsoft. Apple just announced that their last quarter was the best non-holiday quarter they’ve ever had! This quarter was during the crash! At the same time, Microsoft announced their first loss since they were founded 23 years ago. Using the Six Senses it’s easy to see why. Apple is the global leader in all six areas. They begin with design, “What’s the best designed product that should be made?” They have a fun and a playful story. They really care about their customers and empathize with how they actually work. And their employees are playing, playing at work, in the market, and against competitors. For years, Apple has been beating the drum of the artist and now is their time.

The key: Give people something they don’t know they were missing. This is the artist’s gift to the world. This is the story of the iPod, Mac, & iPhone.

In contrast, check Microsoft on all Six Senses. It has lost it’s story, design has given way to profits and corporate conformity, and they’re just a big corporation with no empathy.

How can you use this? Write these Six Senses down and commit them to memory. DO IT RIGHT NOW! Focus on building each of these for yourself and making them a practice. In your work, consider all six and how you can enhance them in your business. Read this book and set up a meeting at work to discuss how your company is doing on each of these senses.

Each sense can be developed. Take a drawing class. Start looking around and appreciating great design. It can even be the design of a store like Apple or Starbucks. Learn more about these six senses and become an expert at them. Master them and bring them to your business and your life. You will become invaluable and irreplaceable. You’ve got to keep learning!

Bottom line:

While the learned will be well equipped for a world that no longer exists, the learners will inherit the earth.”

Check out two awesome interviews with Daniel Pink here if you have iTunes: Oprah.com’s Spirit Channel or here if you don’t: http://www.oprah.com/podcasts/anewearth.xml

P.S. Please have your children take art and music classes. Don’t for a minute think that focusing on the left-brained memorization and 3-Rs logic like you did is taking care of their future. They don’t need to memorize the capitol of Bolivia when they can look it up on their watch 10 years from now.


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