Everyone desires freedom, but it’s not what you think.

Whether it’s money, love, driving fast, or playing hooky from work, even war… it’s all about freedom. All of us crave freedom deep in our soul. Look at most things people seek or do. It’s about freedom.

The truth is, we see actors and athletes that have the fame, fortune, and good looks but still they suffer or self-destruct. Look at a Bernie Madoff that couldn’t get enough money, no matter who it hurt, driving him to prison. Or a Lindsey Lohan, who seems to get worse every year. So, it’s not these external things that create freedom.

What is freedom then? Most people think freedom is doing what you want when you want to. But that isn’t freedom, as we just realized. It’s not having, doing, or being anything. The only true freedom is freedom from your ego mind. That chatty monster in your head that never shuts up. That monkey that runs your life and causes ALL of your emotions. News flash: nothing outside of you causes your emotions. It’s your monkey that does.

Either YOU can be free or your MONKEY is free. Which one is it going to be? The monkey says, “I don’t want any discipline. I don’t want rules or schedules. I don’t want goals or anything to practice. I want to be free.” It’s the same monkey your parents had to deal with when getting you to brush your teeth. It’s the same problem you see in your own kids running around crazy. But the monkey is powerful and it makes you think that YOU are it.

It’s your choice now. You can’t play ignorant. You know now. Either you let the monkey in your head be free, crazy, running around or you have some loving discipline for the monkey so it serves YOU, your true self, higher self.

This is the ancient battle played out in the news even today. The inner screaming monkey wanting to be free vs. your human self being free. Which one’s it going to be? It won’t be easy, but YOU will be free.


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