Your mind is like a puppy. It MUST have a master.

Sebastián Dario via CompfightYou can learn a lot from a dog and a Dog Whisperer. Years ago, I saw Oprah bring in a dog trainer, Cesar Millan, to help her with her out of control dog. You know she only works with the best! This dog wouldn’t stop barking. It was out of control when she took it for walks. It tore up everything when she left the house. The neighbors were getting angry about the crazy dog she left behind every day. The bottom line from Cesar was that Oprah had to stop treating the dog like a human baby and treat it like a dog. “Dogs must have masters or they will literally go insane” was his rule. They are pack animals, not humans. They must have a leader, a master. Your mind is just like that dog. Either it is in control or YOU are. So, first you must realize: YOU are not your mind. They are separate. What am I talking about? It’s that mind that never shuts up in your head. It’s running around in 10,000 directions, chasing every distraction like squirrels. Put a bowl of food in front of it and it won’t stop eating. It tears up relationships like a pair of shoes when you aren’t in charge. But you think YOU are that mind. You think you are all those random thoughts collected from years of living. You think you are all those emotions caused by the random thoughts. When would NOW be a good time to decide who’s the boss and be the master of that puppy mind? There are many simple practices for doing this. The best is to learn meditation. Meditation is mentioned in the Bible and has been around in many cultures for thousands of years. But, your puppy will do everything in it’s power to be your master. It won’t let you meditate because you think you are freer by letting the dog pull you around. Another great tool is to have a regular disciplined schedule. Make a template for your most supportive week. The week that supports your goals. Define the areas of life you want to master and allocate time. Then use that template every week to fill in your day timer. Demand that your mind follow this schedule. You are the master, not your puppy’s desire to eat, poop, and tear up the furniture and do whatever it feel like. Years ago I created a simple template so people can design this supportive week. Check it out on my site in the resources area. So who’s the master, you or the dog? Most people want to be like Oprah and let the dog run around until it goes insane. They think the dog is free. But the master becomes the slave. It’s your choice. Good luck!


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