Find your stillness right now.

The mind is like a stormy ocean. The surface is constantly agitated, constantly agitated. We get caught up in the surface. But, if we go just a little below the surface of the turbulent waves, there is deep calm. Right now, go below your mind and just pay attention to your breath. Yes, pay attention below the head. Don’t try to change the deep waves of breath. Just watch them drift in and out, paying attention to every nuance of the undercurrent of breath. Be still now, just below the waves of the agitated mind. Stillness is always there. You ARE stillness, if you pay attention.

Pay attention to the sensation of being alive today. But only today. We wouldn’t want you to find peace every day of your life, would we?



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  1. Hi, I check your blogs daily. Your humoristic
    style is awesome, keep it up!

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