Finding absolute perfection and power in these trying times.

How do we make sense of the senselessness of this financial downfall, out-of-control greed, continuing war, and conflict between candidates every day on television?

Current events can easily re-stimulate our fears. Many go into panic, which leads to apathy and helplessness. Even anger can arise. Our animal mind can take us over if we let it.

A higher vibrational way to look at current events is in the absolute perfection of events to remind us of the Light. To remind us of our true power within. Without the dark we may not appreciate the Light. Imagine never having evening. No sunrises. No sunsets. The dark can remind us to take action in the Light when we’ve been asleep too long.

Now, more than ever is a time to practice gratitude for what you DO have. To see events as a call to action. To expand your soul into the world rather than shrink back.

Below is an amazing short film from last year’s Elevate Film Festival. The producer had 48 hours to do a movie on forgiveness and rising above anger.

You can read the short story that inspired this script here:
The Little Soul and The Sun by Neale Donald Walsh

Have gratitude in each moment and rise about the storm!


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