Girl with 12 fingers has an “advantage”

Image: Sixteen-month-old Lei Yadi Min

I saw this amazing story today, of a girl born with 12 fingers and 14 toes. At first, our ego mind considers the disadvantage. It is conditioned to think that anything un-perfect is wrong, sad, a disadvantage.

But how we play the cards dealt to us is the triumph of human spirit over mind. This girl’s wonderful mother (just 26 years old) looked for what advantages he baby daughter had. Mom noticed that her girl had a really strong grip; stronger than less advantaged people with only five digits. Indeed, she sees that her daughter is so special she ought to be in the Guinness Record book.

How we play the hand dealt to us determines the game. Not the hand itself. Each of us has wounds, hurts, and flaws. I know I’ve had some some pretty big ones and still do. But it’s that hand dealt to me that makes me incredibly unique, and you too. It makes you who you are. And, how you play that had is “character”, not the cards you got. Take the hand dealt to you and make art out of it. This little girl literally is playing her hand well.

Incredible story here:


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