Astragalus to strengthen your body.

This nice looking plant in the picture is called Astragalus. It’s an herb, like Rosemary or Thyme. But this herb has been used in classic Chinese medicine for centuries, not to add flavor, but to strengthen the body against disease.

I’ve been supplementing my diet with Astragalus now for 6 years and didn’t realize how powerful this herb is it until I saw Dr. Andrew Weil talking about his family taking Astragalus to beat flu season, rather than shots with side effects.

Many highly respected institutions have proven that Astragalus is effective. One example is University of Maryland with an article here:

No side effects. Proven to strengthen immune system as well as protect the body against physical, mental, and emotional stress. Why doesn’t every doctor recommend it to their patients as a daily prevention routine? Because it is illegal in most states for a doctor to prescribe nutrition because they never studied nutrition in school. They aren’t licensed!

Do your own research. Learn about food and nutrients this wonderful earth has provided for our success.

To your freedom and success…


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    1. Thanks @Koko!
      I hadn’t noticed your comment before and wanted to appreciate you for you kind mirror to writing from my heart to bring clarity to our fellow travelers in this amazing life.

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