Google CEO Eric Schmidt has a coach! Why don’t you? (video interview with Eric)

As a coach, it’s still interesting to me how many people have this strange deep, hidden, belief that there is some bonus from the Universe for doing things all by yourself. The real source of this is EGO! That’s right! Your ego wants you to be all alone and suffer instead of being truly happy and successful. It tells you stories like “it only matters if you do it by yourself”. Well that’s just B.S.! Belief Systems of a 2 year old child.

It wasn’t until the 1970s that top athletes thought of getting personal coaches. Sure, a team had a coach, but they thought that was just to push them and keep them from killing each other. But then tennis great Björn Borg showed up at a match with this “coach”. The other players were snickering at him saying, “what a loser, he needs a ‘coach’”. Well, Borg CRUSHED everyone on the court and they all ran out and hired coaches the next day. Sports haven’t been the same since. (BTW, I heard the story directly from a tennis player who got beat by Borg.)

Eric Schmidt talks about his coach.

This brings us to Eric Schmidt, the CEO of a little company called Google. Eric talks here in the interview about his coach and even shares his own earlier limiting thought about having a coach. So you see, everyone has the ego voice in their head that wants them to go it alone so they can suffer. But, the top players in the world get coaches, often several, to help them brainstorm, clarify their thoughts, see the big picture, and play bigger.

Maybe it’s time you got a coach? Or, you could just continue hanging out doing the same things over and over expecting different results? It’s 2012 twelve in just a couple days and maybe you’ll imagine making the commitment to actually achieve your New Years’ resolutions and transform your life? We’ll see…


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