Growing up or growing old?

Tree with deep rootsAny animal can grow old. Only humans, a very few humans, grow up. Growing up is not a process of aging. It does not happen because the body reaches an age where it stops growing taller. Just because the body ages, looks older, does not mean the person inside has grown up. Growing up means growing deep within yourself. This is what we mean by growing up. It is an unseen quality. An inner quality.

Growing in the outer world, a stronger & older body, family, home, successful business, all these are wonderful and beautiful things! That growth and expansion is like the tree, reaching for the sky. But, a tree growing taller, magnificently, is not complete if its roots are not growing very deep as well. These deep roots, this full growing up, is a daily & life-long process.

Few desire this growing, this growing up, growing of deep inner roots over a lifetime. Are you growing up every day? Growing deeper and deeper inner roots like those of a grand redwood tree, never ceasing?


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