Happy New Decade!

It’s not just a new year. It’s a new DECADE!

This week, skip the New Years Resolutions and vision what you want for the next DECADE. Many people are suffering in the current world situation because they aren’t taking the long view. Instead, they are clinging to the past, wanting to go back to the way things used to be. But if you go back to the past, you’ll just end up where you’re at again. That’s madness.

Stop the madness and start this year with some things on your vision board for 2020. Who do you want to be in 2015? Do you want to be happy, enlightened? Focus first on how you want to be INSIDE, then who you want to be on the outside, THEN on what you want to do, and only after that, what you would like to have.

Happiness is an inside job! Look at the next 10 years and watch your outlook change for the new decade.

Happy New Decade!


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