Year 2020 Vision

visionary The VisionaryDon’t just vision your year, vision your next decade! This year, look beyond the usual.

Funny thing about looking ahead 10 years is that a lot of people just don’t want to. First thing that comes up is their age. They don’t want to think about it. That’s just silly, denial. You’re getting older, get over it. Yes, that far out is a little fuzzy. That’s fine. Be general, but have a direction. Those that don’t think long-run are simply going to be run over by this change in the economy and world. Things may go up and down, but it doesn’t matter with a long-run focus point. It’s like being sea sick. If the boat bounces up and down, and you don’t look off at a point on the horizon, you’ll just get sick all over your self and everyone  near you.

Here’s a profound example: Each decade, since 1970, Japan has set a national goal! This is why they dominate markets while America continues to fall behind. In 1970, their goal was to become the #1 steel manufacturer in the world. America laughed because America was #1 and Japan is an island with no resources. Near the end of the decade, several American steel companies were out of business and Japan reached their goal. America now buys a lot of steel from Japan. This is what happens when people laugh at goal-setting.

In 1980, Japan declared their goal as #1 auto manufacturer. Again, America laughed but in 1989 Lexus and other luxury brands were introduced and Japan controlled much of the high end as well as basic autos. In 1990, #1 electronics manufacturer and most American TV manufacturers went out of business or became Japanese companies. America invented all those industries.

In 2000, India took note of Japan’s decade goal-setting habit and set their own decade goal to be the #1 software nation. Guess where most of your support phone calls go and where a lot of programming jobs are? China also set their goal as the #1 manufacturer of EVERYTHING in 2000. Guess where pretty much everything is made now?

Why learn this history? Because America hasn’t set a goal for the decade since JFK said, “We chose to go to the moon… in this decade.” Get it? The simple challenge for America is that it has no goal. None! Without goals, we turn on each other. In a person, an internal war starts. Countries, companies, and individuals must have goals and long-range goals are most important.

So, what’s your 2020 vision? What do YOU want to be #1 at? It can be #1 dad or #1 actor. Or it might simply be that you are financially free, working in your charity or mastering Kung Fu, your kids are in Harvard, or you have the most playful relationship of anyone you know. Share this vision only with those who will 100% support you. Enroll them in your vision. Put it on your vision board this week and keep seeing a picture of you having achieved that goal, with lots of enjoyment. The plan will come to you over time. Start with the vision.

Have 2020 Vision!


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