He said, “Because I hate to see people suffering!”

image One of the keystones of NLP is the modeling of human excellence. I’m always watching for clues to what creates greatness in people. People are constantly sharing what drives them, their inner beliefs and values.

A new TV series is launching in January called Breakthrough with Tony Robbins. The best known NLP Coach will be taking people from ruin to renewal in 30-days. For over 30 years Tony has has brought the message “live with passion” to millions around the world. Many peoples’ lives have literally been saved by his drive to help people understand themselves and the world.

I had the great fortune to be at the live taping of the finale sixth episode this month. We watched spellbound for six hours as Tony went over the journey of growth for each hero in the making. At the end, someone asked Tony an awesome modeling question: “Why have you worked so hard to help people all these years? Why do you do what you do?”

Tony’s answer, “Because I hate to see people suffering!” This was his simple one sentence answer. It brought up a lot of emotion in him. He knows what drives him. He knows from where his passion gets life. It is our “whys” that drive us; our values.

The word “passion” literally means “suffering”. Many people complain that they want passion, but they don’t want any suffering. That’s why they don’t have passion. Passion is noticing what we hate in the world, noticing our own suffering and the suffering of others, and turning that suffering into art, a gift to the world. This process is what gives us true freedom, the kind of freedom we see in champions. But, most seek comfort and live an entire life of suffering. The few suffer a little so they can live free and we celebrate them.


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