New simple way to calculate your maximum weight.

image Now you can figure the max safe weight for anyone in a few seconds!

Professor George Fernandez of University of Nevada, Reno has come up with a simple calculation to know our Maximum Weight Limit (MWL). This works like BMI but it’s quick!

  • For a man, his MWL at 5’ 9” is 175 pounds. Now add or subtract 5 pounds for every inch difference from 5’ 9”. Thus, if you’re 5’ 7”, your maximum weight limit is 165 pounds. At 6’ 0”, your max is 190 lbs.
  • For a woman, the baseline is 5’ 0” and 125. Add or subtract 4.5 pounds for every inch difference. At 5’ 4”, your weight limit is 134 lbs.

Viola! You can now impress your friends and tell them their safe limit in a few seconds. Knowing where you are at is the first step to any journey. Remember: this is like the limit for weight in an elevator. It best to stay a bit under the max.

Ladies, here’s a slick tool to visualize what you’d look like at your ideal weight:


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