Is The Universe Friendly?

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.This may be the most important question we ever answer! It can determine our happiness and how we handle everything in life.

This question was posed in sermons by Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. around December 12, 1965. (I was 18 months old.) Sorry, it wasn’t Einstein, as suggested in the book The Secret. In this question, our model of the world is revealed. In one model, life is against us, Haiti is just a tragedy, and everything is just a struggle. In another model, maybe the universe is somehow helping us along though on the surface life does test our love, appreciation, learning, and growth.

Just by asking the question, MLK Jr. suggested that life is much more than simply the surface level our eyes see. Maybe there is some order, life is not simply chaos. We see that challenges seem to bring out more love than prosperity can. The Haitian earthquake or 9-11 gets us to drop our ego separation and simply give, which is love. Unconditional giving to support the evolution of another.

Maybe our marriage challenges, economic woes, and other “inconveniences” are simply helping us along to love each other more? Maybe the moment a friend thinks of giving up on a marriage is the precipice of where real love can happen? Maybe everything is happening perfectly? Maybe when our world loves each other and gives up ego that will be the dawn of real peace on earth?


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