Your core question drives you!

Success leaves clues. When you pay attention to very successful people, in love, business, art, spirit, they share the magic of what drives them. I caught this random video of Oprah. What she’s done as an African American woman show us that anything is possible and it’s the mindset that makes all the difference, not genetics or luck.

Oprah shares her Core Question here: “How can I be used for something greater than my self?” NLP revealed that each of us is driven by internal questions and we have a Core Question that guides our life. Notice too how quest and question are similar. Life is a quest, a hero’s journey, and our question drives us.

Some people have a question like, “Why does this always happen to me?” or “Why is life only about paying bills?” Why questions get us stuck because there is NO answer. In the extreme, why questions lead to depression.

How questions are empowering. Imagine living with, “How can I love more?” or “How can I help make this a wonderful world?” Oprah’s question is the highest order, it’s about service and spirit. What your core question? The one that drives you every day. The first question in your mind in the morning. Test this tomorrow and ask your self “What would be the most empowering question?”


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