LA Times: Exercise may reduce depression as much as medication.

image August 3rd, 2009. A recent article in the LA Times sites that regular exercise has been proven to elevate mood. Even for those on medication, exercise will get them the rest of the way up to full happiness as medication doesn’t tend to get people all the way there.

If you know someone that’s regularly unhappy or seems to have slowed down emotionally (those they may be “busy”), suggest regular exercise. What works especially well is asking them if they participated in any sports or exercise when they were young. Often people loved a sport, like swimming, and gave it up because they had to “grow up and be serious”.

Depression is rampant in our society! Even if people haven’t been diagnosed, I see so many people walking around, especially in this “economy” with some level of depression. It’s often a symptom of a lack of perceived motion. However busy a person is, they don’t “feel like they are going any where.” Getting the body back into motion, even walking, with some little goal, will bring motion back to the mind. Any sense of progress will give a sense of motion.,0,1605278.story

Another new study shows that women who are lonely, which leads to depression in women, increase their risk of heart disease by 80%. Our mind affects our body more than doctors tell you. Exercise again is useful for elevating mood, improving self image, and meeting people.

The GOOD NEWS in all of this is that we can be both healthy AND happy. Something as simple as exercise can be life saving simply by helping us increase happiness.


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