Larry King: “What the bleep do we know?” interview Aug. 2, 2008.

 Change Your Mind. Change Your Life. That’s a bold statement and the focus in a series from Larry King Live. You may have seen his interviews from The Secret and back in 2004 with the movie What the bleep do we know?. Last night, Larry had another interview with a panel from the movie. I’ve recorded it here for you.

Pay special attention to the reminder about our addictions to negative emotions. As introduced in the Bleep movie, especially from the research of Candace Pert PhD, we have discovered we are actually addicted to all emotions. All addictions contain emotions. Whether alcohol, sex, or even being angry or right, they all give us emotions or chemicals. The body begins to crave these chemicals, generated from emotions, just as it craves any chemical repeatedly introduced. We then unconsciously create situations in which to get the chemical. We attract the negative from our addiction.

So what negative emotion are you addicted to? If you feel something often, can you be honest enough to see the addiction? There’s no judgment in calling it an addiction, just the realization that the body is craving something. For example, Larry asks, “Why do smart people do dumb things?” Candace replies that we may be reliving a childhood event where we felt dumb. Our body thus craves that chemical and we keep doing it. We may simply be “re-enacting” negative traumas from childhood over and over.

The first step to change is awareness! Write down what emotion you tend to feel frequently. See it as just an addiction to that feeling. Practice kicking the habit. Ask friends to help you, since it’s just an addiction. There are many ways to kick it. As in 12-step programs, the first most important step is owning the addiction. The name of the game is FREEDOM. Grow out the addictions and replace them with more love and more choice.

In this 17-minute video (I removed the commercials) you’ll learn about the difference between mind and brain, addictions limiting us, health, and more.


4 responses to “Larry King: “What the bleep do we know?” interview Aug. 2, 2008.”

  1. This is brilliant!
    Thanks for sharing!
    I wonder if you can tell me where to download this 17-min video from.

  2. Glad you really got the power of this awareness!

    Haven’t made this available for download as I uploaded it myself and it’s not for distribution, only education, out of respect for CNN. You may be able to find someone else that has made it available. You could also contact CNN and purchase the episode on DVD for a small amount.

  3. kelster Avatar

    Hi Erol,

    This is fantastic. You say it’s not for distribution, only education. I would love to add this to my website as it covers ALOT of what I am trying to get out to the public. I have done a search for the clip on YouTube but this particular video is not available.

    Do you think that I could also upload it to my website as you have done for yours? I do not have any videos on my site as yet so wouldn’t have the faintest idea on how to do it. Are you able to teach me as I will be a willing and eager student.

    Thanks again for sharing this. Greatly appreciated!

  4. kelster Avatar

    Hi Erol,

    Thank you for your email reply. I have had a good look around your inspiring site and since I am unable to upload this video, I wonder, will this page be here forever? If so, I now ask your permission to put a link on my website directly to this page.

    As one human race, we’re in it together. Cheers Erol. Heres to changing the world one person at a time.

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