Meditation is simple and possibly the greatest peace available to YOU right now, in this moment!

Meditation is a new practice for me, and it’s changed my life. I started looking into this ancient practice about five years ago. There are hundreds of forms, but that shouldn’t stop you from finding the inner peace you have imagined all your life. It is not about religion or even spiritual practice. It’s about calming the mind and practicing focus, that’s all.

When people meet me, they often comment on my great calm. They just feel it being shared with them. It’s taken years and lots of study. But you don’t need to do all that work because I’m dedicating my life to making it easier for all of you.

When I was young, many commented that I was “too intense”. That was the nice way to put it. That agitation comes to all of us from our mind, not external forces. Meditation is one of the simplest tools available to all of us and you can start right now.

Meditation is just another way to say “being still”. You can simply choose 5 minutes, in a quiet and gentle space, to sit still. Sit upright, spine erect, head level, feet and arms uncrossed. Sitting in a chair and holding good posture is great. Allow your eyes to close and just notice your breath. Don’t do anything other than watch your breath and how your body breathes. Just be curious and do your best to let go of thoughts. Thoughts are random commentary about your breathe or anything. Just breathe. Random thoughts are the ego mind trying to maintain it’s control over your spirit, the truest you. This may be the best 5 minutes you’ve allow for yourself all year.

Of course, sitting still for 5 minutes actually freaks out some people. Their skin crawls, they begin itching, the body makes all kinds of distractions. Our culture’s obsession with youth makes us think we must be “doing” constantly to be valuable. Overcome this and just start small at 5 minutes, close your eyes and say to yourself, “There is nothing as important as this 5 minutes right now. This is all I am doing. I let everything else go right now.”

Here’s a short simple mediation on Oprah’s web site that can give more instructions.

Your greatest challenge today is actually overcoming the ego mind that won’t let you at least attempt 5 minutes today. Come on, I dare you to close your eyes, breathe, and just be for 5 minutes, right now. If you have been meditating for years, sit as if this is your very first time, with no knowing at all.


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