Tony Robbins: Why we do what we do and how we can do it better.

Tony Robbins is one of the first Life Coaches and could be considered the father of Personal Development. In working with great athletes he realized everyone can use a coach to bring out their best. As a teenager he read over 700 books on personal growth, from psychology to esoteric works. He also was attending many seminars. Fortunately for the planet, he had the “luck” to attend a workshop where NLP was being taught by its originators, Richard Bandler and John Grinder. Immediately he knew NLP was one of the most powerful models of human change ever conceived and asked that profound question many masters ask, “Why doesn’t everyone know this?” He got famous for using the Fast Phobia Cure process in public to wipe out severe phobias in 30-minutes for which their therapist couldn’t make progress in at least 5 years. Over 30 years he has been teaching the distinctions of NLP (though he renamed it NAC), the new technology of change, and studying what makes the difference in human achievement and fulfillment.

Here’s a video of Tony where he compresses his best distinctions into a 20-minute talk to 1000 of the brightest minds on the planet. Pay close attention to these keys:

  • The power of decisions
  • The Six Human Needs
  • The two things that control all of our outcomes
  • Emotions as the ultimate driving force
  • Emotional Fitness – having more range of emotions
  • The challenge of our “Therapy Culture”

Notice today: What are the few predominant emotions you experience? That’s your life! Expand and choose some new emotions. Watch how important emotions are in the effectiveness of everyone around you. that’s how important they are to you.

Passion is a choice, not a discovery! It is giving ourselves permission to experience this emotion rather than stuff it down. Just practice being passionate today, even about eating your lunch. It’s a choice, not something we “find”.


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