Men: Touch her gently and give her your presence and magic.

OK guys, listen up. We men are so clueless about women, and it is SO simple. We think we have to do all these complicated things. Maybe it’s from listening to our friends and family & watching too many movies and TV shows? The point is, there is one thing you are useful for that makes all the difference for a woman: your presence. I hear this confusion from men so often, it’s time for a refresher.

If she wants a friend, she can get a dog. She can make her own money. And, she can even take care of, well, you know, “other needs” herself. Your greatest gift to her, to the world even, is your presence.

So next time you’re in a challenging situation with her… Stop talking! Stop thinking! Take a deep slow breath and focus on the whole breath. On being alive. Feel your chest opening, your heart center becoming exposed and fearless. Just allow your eyes to meet. When she is feeling safe, touch her gently so you are connected. This will help her be grounded, help her mind also stop. Just be THERE with her and STOP talking. Like a great oak tree, grounded. Listen, smile, just feel what she needs in that moment. Watch what happens and tell us your experience here in the comments.

When you are with her, give her your presence, your touch to ground her. Five minutes of your presence is better that five hours of your mediocre chatty mind.


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