Are you giving your natural gift, caring not how it is received?

AjahnChah.jpgA visitor once asked this enlightened teacher, Ajahn Chah, if he was an enlightened being. Ajahn said, “I am like a tree in the forest. Birds come to the tree, they sit on its branches and eat its fruits. To the birds, the fruit may be sweet or sour or whatever. The birds say ‘sweet’ or ‘sour’, but from the tree’s point of view, this is just chattering of birds.

Give your gift, the gift you are born to give. Give love, kindness, give your art, your passion. Ignore the chattering of others, the birds. Ignore the chattering of your mind about how good your gift is, just give it. The chatter is for the birds.

This is enlightenment. Freedom from ego, our false self, needing the approval of others. Freely give your gift. Live your purpose and be free.


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