“Pain exists to promote evolution.” ~Dr. David R. Hawkins

I’m reading the book Power vs. Force right now. Not sure I agree with his hypothesis that you can muscle test everything in the universe. However, he has some profound insights, as a psychiatrist, into the ancient struggle to overcome the ego within every human. It is the ancient battle of higher self vs. lower self.

The quote from the book really strikes me as profound.

“Pain exists to promote evolution.”

We humans are simply advanced animals, sharing over 90% of our DNA code with most species. But an amazing quality of evolved humans is that they embrace pain and learn from it. This is what sets apart a Richard Branson or an Olympic athlete.

Imagine if you realized that the pain in your relationship, in your job, even in your body, were there to promote your evolution and the evolution of the planet. For me personally, disastrous relationships with my intimate partners had me realize it was time for me to evolve and I began studying everything I could find on true love and relationship. It had me evolve into being a pretty awesome coach.

Personally, this is what frustrates me about the current political climate in the U.S. The great economic pain being felt is simply a call to evolve. China answered the call decades ago, as did Japan and India. Yet the noisiest U.S. politicians want to argue for keeping things the same or going backward. None have a real plan for the evolution of the U.S. the way the China & India do.

Unfortunately, since animals avoid pain, most humans avoid pain and miss the opportunity for evolution. Animals just run away, thus they don’t evolve. Man embraced the pain of cold winters and evolved to build shelters and make warm clothing. Ever notice a human that just wants the problem to go away? It’s a choice of evolution.

If you feel pain, notice that it is just evolution wanting to happen. What do you need to learn? What is the next higher level of spiritual evolution for you? Remember, there is no ceiling for spiritual evolution, so no matter where you are at you can evolve.


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  1. Brandon D. Avatar
    Brandon D.

    That one can muscle test to investigate nearly everything in the universe is not just a hypothesis. It’s done everyday by professional kinesiologic practitioners, e.g., through applied kinesiology and through clinical kinesiology. These people get remarkable results that work for their patients (e.g., physical, emotional, mental, spiritual, etc.), and they wouldn’t be in business if they didn’t.

    To do so, it just starts with a very simple attitude, “Maybe it works. Maybe it doesn’t. I won’t know the truth unless I put in a honest effort.” Like learning to ride a bike, one can simply be open to the learning process itself even though they might not already be the next Lance Armstrong. Or, like many, that person could merely dismiss bike riding as an impracticality or impossibility and sit on the sidelines in skepticism and doubt.

  2. Thanks Brandon! I have tried muscle testing myself. In fact, was consulting with a supplement company, and we found in further testing that the intention of the tester was as powerful as the person tested. We worked to create a self-testing system so the tester didn’t influence the results. We work as a system, together. Very powerful!

    My curiosity about testing is whether is is valid to test people about the consciousness of others, especially ancient or fictional characters. If someone were to test a tribesman that never heard of Jesus, would he test at 1000? If the tester hadn’t heard either, how would it test? Probably weak because they wouldn’t even know who we were talking about. An interesting aspect of double-blind testing of the universe.

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