There are no enemies but the ego. (video)

I just ran across what I think if one of the most profound short documentaries ever created. It’s from the alternate ending to Guy Richie’s Revolver.

Revolver received poor reviews because it was what Richie called an “intellectual action movie”. Action lovers, especially of gangster movies, don’t usually want to think. Indeed, I imagine they want to escape, even for a short time, the ego itself. So they don’t want to be reminded of the ego. This is the point of this short. That ego doesn’t want you knowing it exists so it will do whatever it can to keep you from knowing, like keeping you from watching movies about it. It says, “hey, I don’t get this, this isn’t fun” making you think the voice in your head is you.

Alternative Ego Ending for Guy Richie’s “Revolver”

Richie suggested that all movies, all stories, are actually about our struggle with the ego, the inner enemy. It’s just that rarely does this inner enemy get called out directly.

This 1:41 minute short contains many prominent psychologists reminding us of the most important truth: The ego is the only enemy in existence. It is a confidence man, a gangster, within every one of us, and when we realize that is when we can become truly free, truly happy.

But like any confidence man, the whole game is based on distraction, I having you never discover you are being played. When we get that the voice in our head is NOT us, not true, in any way, we can then discover who we really are. We are love, and that opponent will stop and nothing to keep that truth from us.

Be love today my friend and tell that inner voice to pi** off. Smile


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