“Select a goal and pursue it with all your might.”

I’ve been catching up on the brilliant History Channel series “America – The Story of Us.” http://www.history.com/shows/america-the-story-of-us

It’s an inspiring story of American pioneer spirit and innovation. As the intro says, “We turn our dreams into the truth.” In this Great Recession, we forget that our forefathers and sisters faced odds much greater than anything we can imagine. Locusts and dust storms that blotted out the sun for hundreds of miles and days at a time. Two world wars and countless times of famine. We’ve become convinced by corporations that we are simply consumers and that life is unbearable without the next toy. In truth, we care CREATORS, not consumers.

This passage from a guidebook at Ellis Island, where millions of immigrants saw the promise of America, and built this great country with their hope and hard work, sums up well the spirit we can all be reminded of today:

“Forget your customs and ideals. Select a goal and pursue it with all your might. You will experience a bad time, but sooner or later, you will achieve your goal. Don’t take a moment’s rest. Run.”

Here’s a clip a created from the show:

Liberty represents the hope that is America



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