Stop comparing.

The ego-mind, almost by definition, is that comparison voice in everyone’s head. It’s what we notice in the recent oddity of Charlie Sheen or Donald Trump. For those men, they probably have a Superiority Complex (comparison of how superior they are). Most people have an Inferiority Complex. Either way, it’s the inner voice that is constantly comparing.

Just pay attention for the rest of the day to how much your mind compares everything. It just can’t stop judging everything. Especially notice how that inner ego voice is comparing YOU to everyone else. It’s obsessed with Inferior, Superior, and Equal comparisons. Are you smarter, dumber, thinner, fatter, taller, shorter, richer, poorer, and on and on. It’s exhausting, right?

Want to be happier right now? Stop comparing! You can’t fight it. You can only drop it, like dropping a pencil on a table. Notice when your mind is comparing and LET GO. Feel the thought in your head and let go of it, like releasing your grip to let go of a pencil. Instead, focus on your breath coming in and out and how amazing that is. Every breath is totally unique. No two the same.

Do this practice for a week, seven days. Just notice when you don’t feel that great. Your mind is probably comparing something, like maybe how you looked when you were young and how you look now, or how much money you have compared to someone else. Notice, then just STOP. Now pay attention to how UNIQUE you are. There never was or will be anyone like you. Nothing is better or worse, only unique in its qualities. Only the ego compares because it is as simple-minded as a squirrel. It can’t tell all the subtleties of existence. It just gathers nuts. Stop being nuts. Stop comparing!


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