Study shows lactose intolerance may be in the mind.

An article in USA Today a few days ago shared research that showed that “lactose intolerance” may be caused by the mind. Yes, the mind can actually create real symptoms in the body!

The study found the participants had real symptoms, but they were not actually caused by dairy products. When dairy was removed, they still got the symptoms. The symptoms were actually traced back to stress. This is becoming more frequent as advertisers “educate” the public on symptoms and suggest what the problem may be (so they will buy their solution).

Back pain is another example of a somatoform disorder. This is why people will have chronic back pain, get surgery, which alleviates the pain for a short time, often to return even worse. Doctors keep doing their procedures because that’s what they were trained in. Everyone is looking for back dysfunction since none are trained in the mind or stress identification and reduction.

If your mind can actually can create illness and real symptoms in the body, just how powerful is your mind then? Maybe it’s worth understanding your mind a little more? It’s really tragic to me that we humans are taught almost nothing about the most important element of our happiness: the mind. Part of the reason is that very few actually understand the mind or HOW TO CHANGE IT!

A great takeaway here is that our mind too quickly associates two things together that don’t go together, like milk and intestinal symptoms. It’s called “anchoring” in NLP. Advertisers know this mind habit and constantly get you to anchor together things like beer and babes or diamond rings and happiness. This happens to couples where they anchor feeling bad (which is inside them) to their spouse (which is outside), get a divorce, but still feel the same about themselves. We anchor things in the outside world when it’s the inside world we need to address.

Here’s the study review:


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