Take a mini vacation every day!

DSCN0870I’m back from my vacation in Cabo and life is good! It’s summer time in the Northern Hemisphere and you are probably thinking about a vacation yourself.

But you don’t have to wait until you can take a whole week and go to paradise. I was so curious, “what makes a vacation so recharging?” and I discovered something interesting you can use every day.

Most every day, we are working on things up close. Either sitting in front of a computer a couple feet from your face. Maybe a telephone right on your ear. Or employees right next to you. We get focused into a tiny space of reality. We get introverted.

When we go on vacation, we get distance from things, literally. Our work is father away, but we are looking way out beyond us at mountains, oceans, buildings. Large things off in the distance. Or maybe people watching with some distance. Or even looking up at the stars we can’t see in Los Angeles. We get very extroverted. We lose our sense of self and realize the beauty of the outer world.

How can you use this? Each day, maybe at lunch or when you get home from work, take a walk! Invest 15 minutes to look way out beyond your normal view distance. Look at hills, buildings, trees off in the distance. Feel the space around you. Make this a meditation Really look outward. Now notice how you feel when you get back to work or your family. Magic! Try this out and tell us what you discover by adding a comment below.


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