The E.C.O. System of Happiness

Well here’s a profound and simple discovery for happiness. Based on some of the most ancient wisdom. It could be a whole book (maybe it will be some day). It’s based on the journey of Atisha, a 10th Century sage.

The following chart so simply describes true happiness.


E.C.O. is an elegant way to remember this system. Ecology is the study of the relationship of living things to their environment. Eco- comes from the Greek word for house or dwelling. You can remember these three elements as the dwelling for your happiness. Your harmonious relationship with all existence. The ecology of your life.

Here’s each element:

  1. Emptiness: Empty the mind. Empty it of all beliefs, conditioning, chatter, thoughts of who you’ve been told you are and how the world is. There is only truth. Everything else has been made up.
  2. Compassion: True compassion is love for all existence, from right where you are. Nothing needs to change. And, you are part of existence! Compassion is feeling unconditional love for all that is.
  3. Overflowing: This is where action comes in. You can be empty and compassionate sitting in a cave. In fact, it must happen when you are alone. From there, you are compelled to overflow your love to existence. That’s why you are here. Not to sit in a cave, but to give.

Each is a path up the mountain. Mastering one can naturally lead to the other. When you can still your mind completely, be completely present, no chatter, a vessel, you will discover compassion. True compassion can lead to emptiness, and so on. But, all three together, from emptiness, to compassion, out to overflowing is the deepest joy.

It’s like a volcano. Emptiness & compassion together create such a flow you want to share it with existence. It might look like a painting, a song, or just how you are with your kids. That overflow may come out simply as amazing energy at the job you have now or in the same life you were just stumbling in. Joy comes from within. Emptiness has us know there is no “out there” out there.

Enjoy your new E.C.O. System.


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