Your mind is like a puppy.

Meditating today, I was reminded of how the mind is like a dog. You see, dogs need loving masters and training or they’ll go crazy. Your mind is more like an animal, a dog, than a human. The key is realizing YOU are not your mind!

Ask a good dog owner. If they don’t constantly lead the dog, be the ‘”alpha”, the dog will start tearing things up. It starts barking at every noise. It gets scared or angry. This is what the mind does also. Most people let their mind be in charge, like letting the dog be in charge. They follow the mind any crazy direction it goes. Even when they are just sitting still, trying to relax, their mind keeps running around, trying to lead, barking, barking, barking. Some folks just distract themselves with alcohol or TV so they can’t hear the dog mind barking incessantly. It’s like trying to drug your dog though.

Instead, meditation is a great training. It’s like the puppy being brought back to the paper each time it strays. Meditation is simply sitting still, watching your mind, and having it stay focus in one place. A little love, some guidance, soon the puppy has structure and when it plays it plays big.

So, are you a loving master of your mind or is your dog running all over the place barking and chasing cars? Barking dogs aren’t much fun for the neighbors, let alone the owner. Do your neighbors a favor, take care of your puppy. Puppies don’t just behave on their own. You’ve got to put in the effort. Every day!


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