The fountain of youth pill in 2014.

See full size imageJust what Baby Boomers have been waiting for… Glaxo SmithKline bought up a research lab that is working on a pill that can make your skin and organs younger, reverse ageing, and give you another 10 years of life. It could even prevent and reverse disease.

You may recall the buzz about red wine 17 years ago. Well the active ingredient in red wine, named Resveratrol now, has been isolated and we could have a pill in 5 years. Dr. Oz is already taking the drug. I imagine the buzz will be bigger than Viagra for baby boomers. Now they can eat terrible foods and just take a pill. Everyone on the planet is going to want this miracle drug. I wonder how much they’ll charge for this patented product?

There’s another way to live longer that triggers the same gene as the drug: eat less. A researcher years ago that discovered the main cause of aging said this: “We are digging our graves with our teeth.” We eat so much food that we are exhausting our organs and bodies. Eating less triggers the survival gene of the body having us stay healthier and live longer. Eating less = living longer.

So while you’re waiting for the miracle pill, stay conscious while you eat. Taste each bite. Eat time you take a bite of food, ask yourself, “Is this bite going to have me live longer or die early?”

Are we getting the point?: THIN IS IN!

60 Minutes video & article here:


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