How far off are you from ideal weight?

One of the most important factors in success is your health. It takes energy to be successful and it’s tough to be happy when you just honestly don’t like how you look. Carrying around extra pounds is like trying to win the game of life with a waist belt full of fat. Sure, this may sound harsh but get over it! We have a simple problem in this country: honest caring truth has almost disappeared.

"If you cannot measure it, you cannot improve it." — Lord Kelvin

Here’s a couple charts so you can track EXACTLY and honestly where you are at with the mass of flesh called your body. There are different formulas so follow one of the formula lines and see how far off you are. I would use the lowest line because lighter is faster, ask Lance Armstrong. Unless you are a football player, weight just slows you down.

So put down that bread and pick up a carrot. I want to see you around for a very long happy life!


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