Use your Emotional Guidance System to attract prosperity and joy.

Feelings(Print out the scale by clicking on picture or link below.)

I’ve talked before about the human scale of emotions. When we realize we live on a scale rather than on-off like a computer, life becomes a process, not a factor of luck. We see we move through emotions, not just have them.

In the movie The Secret, they share a scale. The simple teaching is that the higher up in emotional tone we are, the more we attract joy. Like attracts like. It’s obvious really. Wouldn’t you rather do business with a happy person than a sad or angry one? Don’t you think your spouse might do more nice things for you if you we happy first?

The other great use of the scale is that we can see that if someone is in anger, that is a higher tone than them being depressed or in fear. That’s a good thing! We don’t want to suppress their anger or shame them. We want to help them reach up the scale to just being annoyed or bored and wanting to change something. Parents can learn from this by not trying to suppress their children’s natural anger and teach them to be depressed adults. Ask them instead what they are angry about and what action they can do to change it.

Notice at the top is LOVE. That is, the unconditional desire to share, the connection as-one toward upliftment. Practice all the feelings at the top of the scale and notice what you attract.

Click here to download a full-page PDF you can print out. You can also go to The Secret site to get this and other pictures from the movie for computer wall paper or print out.


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