Ideal weight one of your resolutions? Track it for success.

Height Weight ChartMaybe on of the most common New Years Resolutions is for loosing weight. New gym memberships skyrocket this time of year and the gyms gets packed. I see it every year as I’m an avid weight lifter since I was 18.

Unfortunately, most people give up because they don’t have a plan and are not tracking their goal. Tracking, visualizing, and seeing your progress is an important part of success and maintaining habits. There’s a great free site to help you do this:

With 61% of Americans being obese (that’s the stage after overweight), most everyone we know could release some baggage. Setting a goal and tracking are the basic way to stay the course towards. We all need heath to enjoy and create everything else in our lives. Check my previous post to find you max weight in seconds:

No matter what goes on in the outside world this year, make your inside world amazing. To your heath and a fabulous 2010…


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