Why must we have goals?

Every new year, many people in America set New Year’s Resolutions. They’re often a resolution to give something up. Of course, in a culture obsessed with having more, giving up anything doesn’t seem to work.

More importantly, what we need are goals. The mind is a problem solving machine, especially in Western Cultures. A goal gives us a game to play and a problem to solve. And remember, all games need an opponent. So, maybe your goal is to get your company to a specific profit level this year. The opponents are marketing hurdles, your competitors, etc. Game, problem, the mind is busy.

But, if you don’t have a game and goal, the mind gets restless. It makes YOU and OTHERS around you the opponent and problem. The mind is like an addict that only knows how to do one thing. Ever notice this: if a person is unemployed, no goal, their spouse or family can become the problem. You may have seen people like this with no goals so they sit around and everyone is a problem and opponent.

Goals just keep us healthy. It’s not even about achieving the goal. It’s just having a fun opponent, some cool problems to solve. So, if you want to lose weight, make it a goal & game to be a certain weight. Make the opponent laziness and crap food. Turn it into a game or your mind will start looking around for random opponents.

In the worst case, the mind will make YOU the opponent & problem. When the mind has really no real goal, it will start attacking you. See why it’s important to make up a game and goal? If you know someone that’s feeling down, help them have a small goal, a target, they can confront. Get that mind busy!

We can see this even at the highest levels. America hasn’t had a real goal since “We chose to go to the moon.” This has caused politicians to make each others into opponents and even citizens are joining it. We must have a goal and a game or we will MAKE UP opponents. Goals = happiness for the mind. It doesn’t really matter what the goal is.


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