A film gift of love to the world has just been released on YouTube. Every human must watch this!

Elevate Films is a unique organization. It’s founder, Mickey Willis, had a vision while volunteering at ground zero days after 9-11 in New York: To untie the world with elevating films in a free film festival every year. The love (i.e. unconditional giving) poring out of this man is breath-taking! It seems to me his philosophy is that extreme giving brings the greatest riches in life.

Elevate has out done themselves by releasing a feature-length documentary on love to YouTube. A man brought a camera out to video his grandparents that were in love for 68 years and it grew into a years-long quest about love. The film asks great relationship teachers questions like “Why are relationships so hard?”, “Why do we fall in love?”, “How do we make it last?”

I have been having visions of a film like this for about a year though I heard nothing of its existence. Our most important thing in life is NOT money, it is relationships! All money comes FROM relationships. In this business recession, we may forget the most important truths. Elevate is an example of where our culture and economy can go to “elevate” us from this recession.

We have become a market-driven trade-up culture. Depression happens to us when we can no longer consume, no longer trade up, no longer trade-in what we have for the fantasy of something better. My prayer is that this film, and this gift of love, begins to open the eyes and hearts of the world to giving relationships and the death of ego on this planet.

To watch this video in High Quality and full screen, click here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AqAEfBMlJoc


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