‘"Breakthrough’” couple heals relationship with parents.

There’s a great behind-the-scenes look at the couple in Episode 2 of Breakthrough with Tony Robbins I think we can all learn from.

In the 30 days working with this couple, Tony discovered one reason why Ron was so emotional all the time. He was quite alone in the world. Turns out he hadn’t spoken to his parents in 5 years because of a fall-out between his wife and mother. Marie was feeling so much negativity and judgment from Ron’s parents, Ron made the decision to defend her by cutting his parents off. In picking sides, he tore apart his family, even though family is one of Ron’s highest values.

Cutting off his parents though was just the all too common practice of hoping a problem goes away. It’s an epidemic in America. Problems do not go away, they must be confronted with compassion and thought.

I think you’ll get so much inspiration from this short 4 minute video.

Watch online: http://www.nbc.com/breakthrough-with-tony-robbins/video/a-family-reunited/1242329/


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