Come to present time, using this simple process

If you’re not feeling good emotionally, you are not in present time, here, now. Your mind is either in the past or future. At the deepest level, there are no problems right here, right now. All problems are made up by the mind. Or I should say, wrong use of the mind.

A process you can use to get present, here, now, is to GPS yourself. Try it right now. Consider where you are right now. Actually look around, touch some objects and feel them, even name them. Say, “this is my desk”, “this is my window”, etc. Feel the text, weight, solidness of each item.

Now consider, what street are you on? What city are you in? What state, country, what part of the globe? Are you on earth? Where is the sun & moon? Where are you in the Milky Way Galaxy of 100 million stars, and in the universe of 100 million galaxies?

Now look around your room again. Where are you? What day is it? What time is it? What’s your name? Where are you? Are you here, right now?

Notice, there are no problems in the now! Just you, in space and time, and some motion possibly happening. Maybe there is some planning to do. Some logistics to consider. The real you can handle anything and the people around you are not enemies. All problems are fantasies in the mind.


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