Even the U.S. military now uses Mindfulness Meditation to reduce stress. When will you?

Click photo for screen-resolution imageThe U.S. Defense Department reported Aug. 3, 2010 that they are teaching troops to use Mindfulness Meditation as an option soldiers can use to deal with deployment stress.

Now, you might think your life is stressful, maybe it even feels like a battle, but you’ve got it EASY compared to soldiers on the front lines. If meditation can help them, you can imagine what it could do for you! You can also consider that the army is very scientific and not looking for unproven woo-woo ideas.

The article states:

“Mindfulness is a simple but ancient approach to living, which Western medicine has begun to recognize as a powerful tool for dealing with stress, illness and other medical or psychological conditions, and it can help soldiers in any circumstance”, said Army Major. Victor Won

You can begin your own practice today by simply sitting still, upright, as the men in the photo, and point your attention to your in and out breath. You remind will wander, like a puppy roaming off the paper. That’s OK. Just notice, let go of any stress about that, and return your attention to feeling your breath coming in and out. Puppies and minds need gentle daily training! Just 5 minutes in the morning could mean the difference between a day of agitation or a day of ease.

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