Seeing true self in a photo can instantly correct your behavior. (funny video)

Actor Jason Segel has lost 30 lbs. and shares on the Letterman Show the photo that woke him up. It’s really funny, because the raw truth is uncomfortable for us.

Our ego does such a great job of illusion, of hiding our true self, we usually can’t tell what we are really doing, even if it is killing us or hurting others. When I meet clients that want to lose weight, the first thing I have them do is take a photo of themselves with as little on as possible and hang it up. This updates the mind to reality. Reality is something the ego doesn’t have a clue about.

Another great tool to help people is to video tape someone with say, anger problems, and show it to them later. Don’t say a word! Make sure you don’t shame them in any way. Just shoot the video with your phone or little camera. Wait a few days, until they are in a good mood, and leave it with them so they can decide on their own. People don’t know when their ego hijacks them. When they see how they have been consumed, that can often wake up in an instant. Ancient people thought we were being taken over by a demon. Well, that demon is just the ego, your false friend that talks in your head all day.

Jason’s assistant may have saved his life! According to the Surgeon General, half of all disease is caused by obesity and is preventable! She took pictures of the truth and helped Jason see it. Take some pictures of yourself and really look for the truth. It will only make your ego upset, but who cares about the ego anyway?


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