Nobel Prize winner: Meditation helps biological clock (video) (correction)

2009 Nobel Prize winner in medicine, Elizabeth Blackburn, has found in studies that meditation helps your chromosomes be healthier and younger, lowering biological age. Specifically, he research into chromosomes had her look a specific ways to stop aging and lengthen life. She found measurable result in those who meditated compared to those who did not.

Unfortunately, most Westerners are bred from birth with the belief that they must keep moving at a rapid pace or die. This is a bit too close to the behavior of animals when they are being hunted, which creates a perpetual state of stress. Stress is the leading cause of aging and illness.

The moral of the story? Meditation is one of the simplest and most ancient ways to break the animal fear and heal the mind and body. In this 5-minute video, Blackburn’s research on how meditation can decrease aging and increase life are examined.

Start out simple. Drop perfection. Just make 5 minutes right now to STOP, close your eyes, just pay attention to how your breath FEELS coming in and out. Your mind will wander, the voice will try to distract you. Just return gentle to your breath. It’s just practice of focus on what is, not following random thoughts. That’s it! You’re meditating. Try this for just 7 days when you start your day and watch how life begins to support you.


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