Did you watch Breakthrough with Tony Robbins last night?

imageHey gang! Wow, what a show. Yes, I drank the cool-aid, years ago. I KNOW that people are amazing inside. And when we believe in people, anything is possible.

Tony & his team did a great job of screening the participants from thousands of applicants. Lots of people say they want to improve their lives, but few are actually committed and will do the work. Tony doesn’t hold their hands. He asks them to do something he believes will improve their life and they DO IT, over a 30 day period. The rewards from their commitment was immense. You could really see that Frank felt like a man again, Kristen felt cared for, and their love & hope have returned.

I am so proud to be a coach and see real people breaking through to awaken who they really are inside. Millions of people may wake up because of this show and see that the life they wanted is there for them if they will only make the effort. Having a guide sure helps, of course. There are NO points from the Universe for struggling on our own. None!

Tony laid out six steps to these breakthroughs:

  1. Change your story.
  2. Confront your real issues.
  3. Discover your inner strength.
  4. Redefine what is possible.
  5. Exceed your expectation.
  6. Change your belief systems.

Here’s the full episode if you didn’t catch it last night. Click the ‘add a comment’ link below and let’s hear your take on the show.



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